Mugshots and info

by John

Posted on June 16, 2019 at 11:41 AM

How to find information and mug shots:

If you're watching for a prison inmate, a mug shot, or more information about the United States criminal justice system, the internet hosts a number of websites that may help. The resources below can be used to locate inmate pictures, find which facility an inmate is located at, see where prisons and jails are in each state, and know more about other details related to the disciplinary system.

Find Prisoners With a Federal Inmate Locator:

The tranquil way to do a nationwide inmate search to locate which prison an inmate is located at (or where they were held before release), is to search for the person using the “Find an Inmate” search tool on . It actually works for any offender incarcerated from 1982 to present day.

Find Information About State Prison Systems:

VINELink, a service of the National Victim Notification Network, lets you examine criminal cases and offender information state by state. You also have the prospect to attain information about current criminal cases and the status of offenders.

The same website mentioned above can be used to find more info about federal prisons, such as the prison's primary email address and phone number, its judicial district and county, how many prisoners are in the prison, and more. Visit's “ Search Locations” page for such details.

Locate Inmate Pictures and Mug shots:

Subsequently most states keep an online database of people in the penal system, you can generally discover mug shots with identifying information such as the date of the crime and the length of the sentence.

To do this, open a “search engine” and type your state charted by the phrase department of corrections to find your jurisdiction's offender database. They're also enumerated on this Wikipedia page.

Every state's penal search form has few of things in common. You'll require at least a last name just to get started, and if you have a first name, you'll have even better results. Unless you have a lot of specific information, try a general search first and constrict it down until you find what you're looking for.

If you want a duplicate of your own individual arrest images, you can go to the jail where the initial booking took place and make inquiries. The process differs by county and state, but you'll probably need to make a formal record request to attain this information. If the mug shot is part of a current investigation, it may be exempt from any kind of public records request depending on where you're located.

To do an effective inmate search you will have to know a minimal amount of information. For starters you will need to know where the inmate is incarcerated, or at least the State they are portioning their time. If you search through the state database and still cannot find the inmate it is possible that the inmate is in either a Federal facility or they could be in a prison that is not counted in the state databases. We have also mentioned that how you can search the jail databases through a single website for free.

Below is given links to all the inmate databases.  They are organized by state, with Federal and Immigration searches at above (top).  If you search and cannot find who you are looking for go searching with less input.  For example, if you are looking for Jonathan Alexander Clay and get no results you may want to redo your search using less information.  For example, it is better to just search a first and last name, then first last and middle because the inmate may not be listed with their middle name.  If you still cannot find the inmate, try your search using a code-named or with just a last name, or last name and first name initial.  

You can start accessing the various inmate searches by clicking on the corresponding State/Agency given below:

Most of the search results will give you a ton of information comprising the current facility and housing information. You can also occasionally get photos and vital statistics, as well as a list of charges, tattoos, release date etc.